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Creative Saskatchewan

In 2013, Saskatchewan’s then Minister of Parks, Culture, and Sport, the Honourable Kevin Doherty, introduced legislation that enabled the government to establish an agency called Creative Saskatchewan. It was created to promote the province’s Creative Industries, and is the primary funding agency for Creative Industry Associations (like SaskBooks, SaskMusic, SaskGalleries, Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association, Saskatchewan Craft Council, Saskatchewan Interactive Media Association). Creative Saskatchewan administers grants for production, marketing, and touring for Saskatchewan’s Creative Producers. SaskBooks is pleased to have been a part of the working group that consulted with the government prior to Creative Saskatchewan’s establishment, and we look forward to our ongoing relationship with them in the future.

Creative Saskatchewan replaced the Saskatchewan Arts Board for SaskBooks’ provincial operational support.

Saskatchewan Arts Board

The Saskatchewan Arts Board, the first of its kind in all of North America, was established in 1948. The SAB provides grants, mentoring and advice, and many other services to artists and to arts organisations. SaskBooks, as one of the province’s Creative Industry Sector Organisations, used to receive funding from the Saskatchewan Arts Board through the Creative Industry Growth and Sustainability program, made possible through funding provided to the Saskatchewan Arts Board by the Government of Saskatchewan via the Ministry of Parks, Culture, and Sport.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage is committed to playing a vital role in the daily lives of Canadians. The Department is responsible for national policies and programs relating to broadcasting, cultural industries, arts, heritage, official languages, Canadian identity, Canadian symbols, exchanges, multiculturalism, and sport. The Department works with Canadians to strengthen our shared sense of identity while respecting the diversity that exists in Canada. As we live in a world that is more interdependent and changing faster than at any time in human history, it is important for Canadians to feel connected to one another and have a sense of belonging. This is why common interests and shared values are so important. They are fundamental to our sense of who we are, our sense of place in the world – our culture.

SaskBooks receives support for many of its projects from the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canada Book Fund.

Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts, reporting to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage, is a national arm’s-length agency which fosters the development of the arts in Canada through grants, services and awards to professional Canadian artists and arts organizations, as well as administering scholarly awards, and having under its aegis the Public Lending Right Commission and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

SaskBooks receives support from the Canada Council for the Arts for its ongoing programming and services to book publishers in the province.

Cultural Human Resources Council

The Cultural Human Resources Council was formed in 1995 by members of the cultural community to better identify and respond to the professional development and training needs of the Canadian Cultural workforce.

SaskBooks received funding from the CHRC for internships and summer students.


SaskCulture Inc. is a community-based, volunteer-driven organization, which works with its membership and other community partners to build a culturally vibrant province, where all citizens celebrate, value and participate in a rich, cultural life.

We are working towards:
• a province with a strong, thriving, cohesive cultural community;
• a province where people value and support culture, and;
• a province where people’s lives are strengthened and enriched through participation in diverse cultural activities.

For many years, SaskBooks received funding from SaskCulture through the Culture Section of Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture, and Recreation. Today, SaskCulture supports SaskBooks via Capacity Building Grants and student employment assistance.

Access Copyright Foundation

“The Access Copyright Foundation promotes and supports Canadian culture by providing grants intended to encourage the development and dissemination of publishable Canadian works. The Foundation endeavours to make a modest but important contribution to the Canadian cultural community, while also broadening public awareness of the creative vitality of Canadian writers, visual artists and publishers.” (from

SaskBooks has received funding from Access Copyright for Professional Development and special projects.

Association of Canadian Publishers

The Association of Canadian Publishers is the national association for promotion of Canadian publishers and Canadian books. SaskBooks has enjoyed support for staff professional development via the ACP’s PD Subsidy Program. The ACP has many services for Canadian Publishers.