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Cowboy in Me, The

Product Description

In The Cowboy in Me, Robin Langrofd offers us a true account of his life as a cowboy throughout western Canada. Beginning in 1947, follow Langford on a journey that takes him from his tumultuous home life in Saskatchewan to being a cowboy, trapper, and guide in the back country of Alberta and BC, and back again as he learns to ranch and farm on the unpredictable prairies. Along the way, meet an assortment of hard-working heroes, ranchers, lost souls, and legendary Canadian cowboys. While one of Langford’s greatest pleasures is riding in new country and cresting the next rise, the bond he has with his wife Penny and the family they created emerges as his greatest and most lasting adventure. As he says, this book is not only about being a cowboy, but about "how we face challenges, regardless of what our jobs are or what paths we choose." This memoir inspires all of us to "cowboy up".

ISBN: 9780995819009
Author: Robin Langford

Publisher: Robin Langford
Pub Date: 2017