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Double Exposure

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In the novella Southern Relations, Gran Tish, the great-grandmother in the Walker-Richmond family, dies with her deaf ear up the day before her birthday, bringing together women in the family from both sides of the Canadian-American border, including an ageing nursemaid called Lusa. This launches a marathon of storytelling involving a wild goose hunt and a female Lazarus in the shape of a potter known as Mrs. A-to-Z. Like these women, readers will indulge a hearty guffaw and a good cry.

Prentice Scott is raising her four children with the help of her mother-in-law Katydid, who hangs her underclothing on lilac bushes. Still madly in love with her husband, Prentice turns a broom closet into an office, commiserates with Queen Elizabeth over the trials of child rearing, and carries on until her own last dance.

ISBN: 9750994866936
Written by Pat Krause
Published by Burton House Books
Pub Date: 2017