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Extended Families: A Memoir of India

Product Description

In Extended Families, award-winning author Ven Begamudré is moved by a trip back to India to explore the history of his unusual family. Through journal entries, memoirs, fiction, poetry and photographs, he reconstructs the story of a South Indian family of Brahmins with a colorful past: they guarded a treasury, built dams and power stations, and became electrical engineers and politicians.

The author’s journey continually returns to his relationship with his parents: their fights and separations, his father’s anger and constant need to keep moving from place to place, his mother’s depression and eventual death in India. Woven throughout are fictional stories of the family’s legacy and stories of the gods themselves whose influence is reflected in the family’s names.

Extended Families is more than a memoir. It is a graceful look back at the pull of culture and place on one man’s life.

Published by Coteau Books

By (author) Ven Begamudré

Published: 2017

Genre: Non-Fiction/Memoir