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Publishers in Saskatchewan come from many different backgrounds and business models, from University presses to small, independent literary presses to hybrid publishers to self-publishers and mom-and-pop entrepreneurs. Our publishers produce over 100 books a year, ranging from children’s picture books to Scholarly and Academic publications. We have two Francophone publishers on our roster, and some publishers have produced books in nine Indigenous languages and dialects.

Established Publishers

Developing Publishers

Beginning Publishers

Non-Publisher Members

Membership Criteria

SaskBooks has four levels of membership which are based on production, sales, and marketing. Applicants for any level of publisher membership are required to produce a document outlining their editorial process. Books that SaskBooks promotes must have their ISBNs registered to a Saskatchewan entity (SaskBooks uses the National Library of Canada’s Publisher Directory and ISBN registry to determine where a book’s ISBN is registered – if you have used a vanity press or pay-to-print service, your ISBN may not be registered in your name/region) and must adhere to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.

  • Established Publishers($300/year)
    • At least four books in print.
    • Ongoing production program of at least one book per year OR the active marketing/promotion, distribution, of existing titles.
    • Membership in national publishing organisation is recommended, where appropriate.
    • Has two votes per firm at meetings.
    • Persons from firms may serve on the Executive of the Board of Directors.
  • Developing Publishers($150/year)
    • At least two books in print.
    • Has one vote per firm at meetings.
    • May serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Beginning Publishers($100/year)
    • Emerging publishers who have at least one book in print, or who have at least one book in production.
    • Have voice but no vote at meetings.
    • Are eligible for all of SaskBooks’ programming.
  • Non-Publisher Member($300/year)
    • Any individual or organisation that supports the objectives of SaskBooks.
    • Are welcome to attend meetings by invitation, but have no voting privileges.

Publisher categories require:

  • Publish original Canadian books
  • 80% Canadian owned
  • Book Publishing in important function
  • Head office in Saskatchewan

(Most publishers join as “Beginning Publishers”. As you grow, you will automatically “graduate” to higher catagories. You will be notified of your new status when it is achieved.)

Books must have an ISBN registered to a Saskatchewan entity to be eligible for all of SaskBooks’ promotional services. SaskBooks uses the National Library of Canada’s ISBN registry & publisher directory services to demonstrate where a publisher’s ISBN is registered. If you are using a pay-to-print or vanity press service, your ISBN may not be registered in your name or region and your book(s) may not be eligible for SaskBooks’ promotional services.

To become a member of SaskBooks please fill out our Online Membership Application.