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Publishing 101 (1)In the past few years, changes and advances in technology, both in the production of and in the marketing of books, have made it possible for more people to enter in to this ever-changing and exciting Creative Industry. SaskBooks has seen a leap in membership from 21 publishers in 2001 to over 70 publishers in 2011, and we think that we will continue to see growth in this industry, which is a Very Good Thing. But in an industry that’s changing so much and so quickly, where does one start? If you’re interested in becoming a publisher, or if you’re interested in what goes in to producing a book, this is a good place for you to start.

The Saskatchewan publishing industry provides the following definition of publishers and books:

Definition of a Book

Traditional print books: Non-periodic printed publication of at least 49 pages exclusive of the cover pages published in the country of origin, and made available to the public. Exceptions can be made for genres that have been typically shorter in length such as children’s picture books, chap books and graphic novels.

Electronic or audio book forms: are considered books if they offer the same standard of editorial

quality and content as the traditional printed book.

Definition of a Publisher

Persons, organizations or companies engaged in carrying out the design and production, as well as the editorial and marketing activities necessary for producing and distributing books. Books include educational materials, art books, graphic novels, and chap books. The publisher is the primary risk taker in the production and publication of books. Books may be published in print, audio, or electronic form, and must be made available to the public.

Publishing in Saskatchewan

How many publishers are there in Saskatchewan? What sorts of books do they produce? How many people work in book publishing or in book-publishing related fields? What kind of revenue does book publishing generate in our province? You like the stats? We have the stats. The Industry stats.

Publishing 101

A brief overview of the publishing industry, presented as part of Publishing Symposia in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Writers Guild. This presentation is a starting place for people thinking of getting involved in publishing.

A Glossary of Publishing-related Terms

What’s a Trim Size? What’s typesetting? Don’t know what ISBN means? Maybe we can help.


The steps to take to becoming a self-published author. Self-publishing is not new; it’s been around for hundreds of years (William Blake was a prolific self-publisher). So why does it seem like such a new phenomenon?

Submission-Model Publishing

Includes information such as producing a book and how a book is made.

Hybrid Publishing

An increasingly popular business model in the publishing sector, hybrid publishers work closely with authors to produce commercially successful, professionally curated books.

Vanity Press

What, exactly, is a Vanity Press? What’s the difference between a Vanity Press, a pay-to-print operation, print-on-demand services, publishing consultants/hybrid publishers, and self-publishing? – See more at:

What Now? – The Distribution Dilemma

So you’ve published a book and now have a garage/basement/warehouse full of boxes. In this article, we discuss the difficulties of book distribution in the prairie provinces. (Coming Soon)

How do I submit my manuscript to a submission-model publisher?

An article from the Association of Manitoba Book Publishers about how to submit a book-length manuscript. It details how to submit the manuscript from preparing to packaging.