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Seven million, four hundred thousand, six hundred and twenty five books are produced in Saskatchewan every year…if you count blogs, personal webpages, and notes students take in their classes. If you’re looking for *actual* books, the number is closer to 100. There are about fifty book publishers listed as members of SaskBooks, and it’s pretty difficult to find the stuff they’re producing sometimes. But we’re here to help!

SaskBooks will put together a preview box of books for your school or library to ‘test drive’ for three weeks. At the end of your brief romantic encounter, you simply return the books you’re not interested in (it’s kind of like Internet dating, if you think about it) and keep the books you want. SaskBooks invoices you for the return shipping and for the books you’ve fallen in love with (true love does not come cheaply?).

We can put together a box of books from any genre, for any reading level, and one which contains books published in other languages (primarily French, Michif, and some First Nations languages). We might even throw in a poster or catalogue for you, if you remember to say please.

If you’re interested in ordering a preview book box for your school or library, please contact us and we’ll set the pages turning.

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