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SaskBooks produces a catalogue of new and recent books published by Saskatchewan publishers, every year, usually in the fall. This catalogue is distributed by post, free of charge, to all schools, libraries, bookstores, museums, and tourism centres in the province. We also distribute it to the province’s MLAs, MPs, and to an ever-growing list of people who sign up to receive a print copy. Books must have an ISBN registered to a Saskatchewan entity to be eligible for all of SaskBooks’ promotional services. SaskBooks uses the National Library of Canada’s ISBN registry & publisher directory services to demonstrate where a publisher’s ISBN is registered. If you are using a pay-to-print or vanity press service, your ISBN may not be registered in your name or region and your book(s) may not be eligible for SaskBooks’ promotional services.

From time to time, SaskBooks also produces supplemental catalogues which focus on a particular genre or area of interest. In 2010, SaskBooks produced the Saskatchewan Books In Schools catalogue in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Learning. Many of the books featured in Saskatchewan Books In Schools have been reviewed by the Ministry of Learning for approval to the Saskatchewan school curriculum.

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