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Word on the Street SaskatoonThroughout the year, SaskBooks displays and sells member publishers’ books at a number of book displays and sales events. This service is available to all Saskatchewan publishers who are members of SaskBooks, and whose books’ ISBNs are registered to a Saskatchewan publisher or business. SaskBooks sells books at display events such as teacher and librarian conferences and seminars, scholarly/academic events such as the Congress of the Humanities, and at trade/gift venues like Wintergreen and the Sundog Craft Faire. If one (or more) member publishers is also attending an event, we will pull that publisher’s books from our display; we don’t want to compete with our publishers!

SaskBooks has also produced static displays for cultural tourism events such as the Creative Saskatchewan showcases in New York and London, as well as at the Saskatchewan Pavilion at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Our catalogues, brochures, and posters are always available at our displays. Books must have an ISBN registered to a Saskatchewan entity to be eligible for all of SaskBooks’ promotional services. SaskBooks uses the National Library of Canada’s ISBN registry & publisher directory services to demonstrate where a publisher’s ISBN is registered. If you are using a pay-to-print or vanity press service, your ISBN may not be registered in your name or region and your book(s) may not be eligible for SaskBooks’ promotional services.

To request a display at your event, please email us.