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SaskBooks actively markets books published in Saskatchewan by its member publishers. In order to be eligible for SaskBooks’ marketing activities, a book’s ISBN must be demonstrably registered to a Saskatchewan entity. If you have used an out-of-province vanity press or pay-to-print service, your ISBN may not be registered in your name and/or region. SaskBooks uses the National Library of Canada’s publisher directory and ISBN registry to determine the region of an ISBN’s registration. Publishers are welcome to join SaskBooks even if their books are not eligible for marketing activities, as there are other benefits of membership.

SaskBooks participates in several marketing and promotional activities to raise awareness for the vibrant book industry in our province. Our marketing and promotional activities include a book review service, advertising, paid advertorials, publicity, displays at conferences and gift markets, and Saskatchewan Book Week. We began submitting reviews of members’ books to weekly newspapers in April 2001, and produced highway billboard signs in November of the same year. SaskBooks hosted a weekly book show on the newly-born CJTR 91.3 Community Radio in Regina for several years and added an online bookstore to its website. We also produced a book poster for schools and libraries which highlighted many of our province’s book stars.



Every fall, SaskBooks distributes a catalogue featuring our publishers’ new and forthcoming books. We work with the Western Producer to cast a wide net of readers passionate about and hungry for Saskatchewan books, and we distribute the catalogue by hand at all of our displays. Later in the year, we send copies of the catalogue to every school and library in the province. You can find a digital copy of our catalogue here.

All of these projects dovetail to raise awareness of Saskatchewan books. However, none of it would have been possible without the support of our funders and our partner organisations. The staff and board of SaskBooks have worked tirelessly to help the world Discover Saskatchewan Books.